Soft-top repairs

I have been surprised by the number of soft-top cars that have been in for repairs lately.  We have had an Audi, a Volvo and a BMW in quick succesion requiring repairs to the back windows. We have been able to seal and reglue successfully.

Other jobs have been

  • replacing stainless steel eyelets in a small yacht sail
  • supplying cloth-backed vinyl for an upholstery job. Innova SUPELLE had the right colour (soft yellow), but we had samples of Pacifica, Capri, Cordova, Supra, Terra Nova and many more to choose from. Therer are some fabulous colours out there. We can sell by the metre.
  • replacing parts for outdoor blinds and awnings
  • supplying some Quick Dry Foam for cushions.

There is never 2 days the same in this business!!

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