Foam & Fabric Sales



We have become leading foam suppliers for the Tweed-Byron and Gold Coast districts. We have always supplied and made cushions, and this has become a more important part of our business over time.

We stock commonly sought thicknesses and densities of foam, some outdoor foam that doesn’t retain water, and also polyester wadding, both loose and in sheets. We can also supply foam that has been shaped and glued for special purposes. We can cut the product to size on the premises. We generally have full sheets of popular thicknesses, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm thick, and also various densities, for firm seating or softer foam for backs.

Quick-Dry foam, that allows water to flow through, and fire-resistant foams are also available.
Special shapes and sizes are possible, and our offcut bins have some smaller, cheaper pieces.
Foam “crumbs” are also available (small pieces to fill odd shapes). Some people like to use them instead of the polystyrene balls in bean bags because of a reduced choking risk.

Of course we also stock and source many outdoor fabrics for direct sale or for use in our canvas & vinyl fabrication division.

So come on in and see us!

You’ll be surprised at what can do for you!

Stock Colours


We also stock awning grade acrylic canvas at the specifications of 120mm wide. This product is ideal for outdoor use i.e. fade resistant, water resistant and has a nice fabric feel. See more here


Mediflex 137cm wide

We selling at clearance prices for the Mediflex range of cloth backed vinyl. The product has moisture resistance and flexibility, ideal for use in age care centres and hospitals where moisture resistance is a high priority.

We cut to measure in quantity you require.



We supply vinyls featuring subtle leather grain effects in a combination of stylish and striking colour tones coupled with a high degree of aesthetic appeal. Commonly found in the most comfortable captain’s chairs to luxurious cabin linings they deliver a high degree of serviceablily and style to all marine craft. Most feature superior UV resistance, colour fastness, mould and mildew protection, flame retardancy and easy care. Compliant to Australian Standards code ISO 9001 The brands we supply and hold in high regard include Capri, Supell, Martini and Pacifica among others.

We do get plenty of offcuts of Textilene, Acrylic Canvas and many other types of outdoor fabrics (including foam). Come in and grab a bundle at prices below cost prices!

Great for people involved in handicrafts and small repair jobs!

Schools would find it handy for classroom use too!