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Aluminium chair repair

If your aluminium chairs or sunlounges need new slings, The Aussie Repairman supplies a service that will give you replacement slings in the post.

“Send us the old slings, and we will copy the pattern, make slight adjustments for sagging, and return sling sets that will have your old furniture looking new again.
We can do the slip-slings for just about any brand aluminium furniture. Sunlounges or chairs. Post us a sling set, choose fabrics from the fabric sample page, and we’ll do the rest.”

I’m a Celebrity

We get some strange jobs here at times – giant teabags, pond liners, water catchment bags, boat bladders, jumping castles and the lists go on and on.

Im a CelebrityWe have been used by a film company recently to create some giant 5-pointed stars to be used as targets on a beach when skydivers jump out of planes or helicopters. These were for the filming of “get me out of here, I’m a Celebrity”. They wanted something 6 metres across, bright and bold, and quick. Here is the yellow one.

Stockists of Cushion Foam

Foam and Dacron samplesYes, we do keep foam on hand. We generally have full sheets of popular thicknesses, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm thick, and also various densities, for firm seating or softer foam for backs.

Quick-Dry foam, that allows water to flow through, and Fire-resistant foams are also available.

Special shapes and sizes are possible, and offcut bins have some smaller, cheaper pieces.

Foam “crumbs” are also available (small pieces to fill odd shapes). Some people like to use them instead of the polystyrene balls in bean bags because of a lesser choking risk.

Re-proofing canvas products

Is your canvas bag or tent getting less waterproof?

“Dynaproof Canvas Reproofing Formulation” is  effective for restoring the waterproof qualities and mildew resistance of weathered canvas products.

A solvent-bases and a water-based formulation is available in containers ranging from 1 litre to 20 litre drums.

We have some stocks on hand here in South Tweed. The water based would be able to be sent by courier

Soft-top repairs

I have been surprised by the number of soft-top cars that have been in for repairs lately.  We have had an Audi, a Volvo and a BMW in quick succesion requiring repairs to the back windows. We have been able to seal and reglue successfully.

Other jobs have been

  • replacing stainless steel eyelets in a small yacht sail
  • supplying cloth-backed vinyl for an upholstery job. Innova SUPELLE had the right colour (soft yellow), but we had samples of Pacifica, Capri, Cordova, Supra, Terra Nova and many more to choose from. Therer are some fabulous colours out there. We can sell by the metre.
  • replacing parts for outdoor blinds and awnings
  • supplying some Quick Dry Foam for cushions.

There is never 2 days the same in this business!!

Shade Sail & Umbrella repairs

The wild weather certainly hit the eastern coast last weekend.
We had 1 staff flooded in, lost a palm tree and shade structure in our home yard, but otherwise safe and sound, with little disruption to the business.
Plenty of shade sail repairs, and new canopies for umbrellas. We are getting better with umbrellas, and had a quick turnaround of structural repairs, too. Several struts and arms needed replacing, and we even replaced the centre poles on a few umbrellas – bent in the high winds.
A few re-stitching jobs on shade sails, and I think we are about to get busier as people get the ok from insurance companies.
We’ve also had a few caravans and campers in for repairs to Awnings and Annexes. We can also custom-make Annexes as well as supply new awnings and parts from Domestic, Aussie Travellers etc.

Barbeque Cover

BBQ canopyUmbrella CoverWe have just made a bbq cover for a resort manager on the Gold Coast, using a premium  boat hooding called “Mariner“, a 625gsm fabric with all sorts of protective treatments and a 3 year warranty. Pretty sure it will outlast the BBQ :=)

And we made an umbrella cover from  the same material………

Hello world!

Welcome to Coastal Canvas & Vinyl Fabrications.
Some of the Canvas-work was being done here anyway, and when Coast Canvas & Vinyl Industries closed down just before Christmas 2012, we decided to ramp up our capabilities.
We do High Frequency welding, Hot Air welding, some plastic welding, industrial sewing, and already have completed work on Caravan Awnings and Annexes, Tonneau covers, Shade Sails, Umbrellas, blinds and much more.
We can fabricate new items or repair and re-stitch your worn items
We stock plenty of outdoor mesh, heavy duty vinyls, sail track (Kedar), zippers, shock cord, fastener loops for Tonneau covers, and on and on……………
Come back to us here frequently for more news and info about products and services